North Michigan Park Outreach

On Monday, July 30, 2018 OPC Community Outreach Specialist Denise E. Blackson presented an Energy Efficiency Workshop “Engaging Our Youth on Energy Efficiency” at the DPR Summer Camp, North Michigan Park Recreational Center located at 1333 Emerson St. NE in Washington DC To educate youth on energy efficiency.

Ms. Blackson engaged the youth using hands-on energy efficiency practices and verbal instruction using children’s educational coloring and activity books according to age level. Thirty youth along with 6 camp counselors attended the workshop.

The youth were able to correctly answer energy efficiency questions about concepts they had learned earlier in the workshop. Excited to share their knowledge on energy efficiency, each participant takes home their own energy efficiency coloring book after the workshop.

To learn more about the Office of the People’s Counsel Energy Efficiency Workshop “Engaging Our Youth on Energy Efficiency Workshop” or to have an OPC speaker attend your event, please contact: Denise E. Blackson Community Outreach Specialist at (202) 727-3071.